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Set your imagination loose and create your very own town! Build cosy coffee shops, luxurious villas, fountains, kids' playgrounds and much more.

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Facebook awarded SuperCity the title of «Best New Game of 2014». High quality creativity and a love of what we are doing has brought us recognition by players and international fame.
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How did
it all begin?

Initially, SuperCity was conceived as a game about «Building a Sports Town» (Sportville). A player, for example, could build a factory producing training equipment, a basketball court or a swimming pool for sport.

During the first stages of development the idea seemed a good one, but over the course of time we realised that we were missing too many opportunities by appealing only to sports fans. What about gourmets, or people who enjoyed shopping or party people?

The drafts
Will is the right hand of Sportvilleʼs Mayor
… and his charming assistant
Willʼs new image
Captain of a cruise ship
… and his would-be assistant

There used to be a great trailer that ran the first time you started the game, picturing how difficult it was for citizens to live there without any sport facilities available in the city.

Unfortunately, after we changed the general game concept, it was no longer relevant. What a pity…

Fauna of SuperCity

Sometimes great ideas come when you least expect it.

Thatʼs how small drawings of animals made in our spare time, grew into a big story about rescuing wildlife and founding a Nature Reserve.

Game loading screen

The loading screen is important for the first impression of the game. Here we did our best to show players that besides cozy houses and nice shops, SuperCity is full of remarkable and fantastic events.

of a game world

At early stages of developing the game we werenʼt sure about the storyline, but we did our best to ensure the game would offer lots of interesting events and fascinating ideas for our players.

Expanding the borders

There were so many stories, that soon the city map was not big enough to fit them all in.

So we decided to add more locations to make room for the great new characters and events we created.

Comfortable home of the Fire Spirit
Undersea palace
Hot Springs Spa Resort

We get new interesting ideas from everywhere: books, movies, traveling to other countries and even parties with friends can inspire game ideas!

We donʼt plan to rest on our laurels and keep working to give our players new, exciting stories and events.

1 000
Creative process

Letʼs take a look at how we create new buildings. For instance, we are going to have a fun pool party.

Before we start the process, we always study existing buildings.

Thatʼs why the players enjoy our houses so much, and we wouldnʼt mind living in one too!

Super events
  • Alien tourists Our guests from Alpha Centauri are searching for the parts to repair their flying saucer, as well as souvenirs for the Intergalactic Museum.
  • Supermama Superzilla is desperately searching for her lost child. Heʼs such a claw-ful!
  • SOS! A cruise ship ran aground at the seashore. There are enough lifeboats but not enough hot tea to go around.
  • Zombie invasion The professor has once again gone too far with his experiments… But we hope itʼs for the sake of science.
  • Dwellers of the deep Nessy does exist no matter what we read in the news. Sheʼs just a little bit shy and hiding from photographers.
  • And dozens of other stories The Valley is all asleep because of a magic spell, the Genie canʼt become great and terrible, no matter how hard he tries and the Yeti is too shy to make friends with the residents of the city. They all really need some help!

The city and the surrounding area are inhibited by various characters, each of which has their own unique and interesting story.

The work day in full swing
Impromptu meetings pop up here and there
Every new idea needs a detailed discussion…
… and thorough artistic development
In the initial innovative stage the team consisted of only 3 people but that increased to 24 people in 2015. A wide range of professionals are working in our team today.
Whatʼs coming next?
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Game designer
Helen Vredina
Mena Nascimento Deodato

I Love My SuperCity, Being Major Is Great

But Ever So Offen I Wouldn’t Mind A Break.

I Play It In The Morning, Evening And Night

If My Laptop Wasnt Over Heating, I Would Being Playing

It Now, Thats For Sure

I Love My SuperCity, Building Is So Much Fun

Arranging And Destroying All In One.

I Love My SuperCity, I Can Rave For Days

But What Kind Of Major Would I Be

Neglecting My People, For Some Freebies

I Love My SuperCity, And Its Time To Return

But Before I Do That

How About You All Join Me, Lets Have Some Fun

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Olga Ivanova

Well, Iʼm pretty pleased and shocked at the same time. Canʼt remember where all the things are in my city. Itʼs a good thing Iʼm taking some notes, because Iʼm beweildered by those new quests (in a good way!). And I love the oriental theme! I wish I could create a Japanese garden of my own someday. In real life itʼs tricky, but in here I have the means of expressing myself.

Galina Pnevskaya
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