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Heroes do battle on the remnants of an ancient magical world
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In total, there will be 70 heroes in the game

Heroes travel a world shattered by a magical cataclysm, searching for the legendary Staff of Elements which grants the bearer absolute power.



of the Abyss


Rogar is the sole survivor of the Order of Dragon Paladins.

He and the Order’s mighty warriors swore an oath to wage war on evil in all its forms, protect the weak and flood the darkness with light.


Race: Dragon Kin

Elements: Fire and Light

Ability: Searing Flash


Daughter to the Shaman of a clan living on the remnants of a shattered world.

From her earliest years she has dreamt about the power of a True Mage and the possibility to travel across the remnants.


Race: Barbarian

Element: Earth

Ability: Swamp Curse

of the Abyss

Pathfinders and scouts of the Legion, demons who know only a thirst to follow and find their prey.

They are unleashed should any prisoner escape the confines of the Abyss.


Race: Demon

Element: Fire

Ability: Howl of Hounds


The game is set in a dying magical world. The countless remnants, inhabited by the creatures who survived the cataclysm, smoulder in the starlit void.

Players will make their way across the remnants, collecting heroes and battling soulless monsters.

of the Abyss

Hords of demons seek to extinguish the last rays of light one after another, conquering the remaining remnants and turning them into blocks of lifeless, black rock.

It seems there is no one who can halt the merciless march of the Legion of the Abyss.

A handful of mortals are able to fight the demons. Those who wield enough power to do so are called True Mages. They are the successors to the ancient might of the dragons.

But Mages have descended into infighting and are blinded by pride. They don’t want to recognize the threat presented by the Legion.

It’s in this dark hour that the players enter, armed with immense power and incredible abilities.

They hold the power to restore balance to the universe but... Will they choose to do so?


The game world is made of vivid remnants, the last rays of light in the darkness of the void.

    Creating the arena


    of the guardians

    Here once raged the mage wars which led to the cataclysm.

    Gargantuan ancient war machines, the Guardians, tried to stand against the madmen destroying the world but failed.

    Since then, the Guardians have been dispersed across the valley.

  • Arena

    of Gargants

    In forgotten times, the great race of Gargants rose up against the Mage Order but the revolution was crushed.

    As punishment, the four captured chieftains were forced to adjudicate battles at the arena for all eternity.

  • Royal


    By the ancient laws of the Dwarf empire, a dispute between two warriors could be settled at this arena inside a canyon on the outskirts of the city.

    The Empire fell in the Cataclysm but the grand capital, the surrounding desert, the canyon and the Royal Sands survived.

  • Stellar


    The icy Stellar Lake is refuge to the legendary white dragon Venrius.

    Blanketed in ice, he slumbers on the lake’s bed, awaiting the fulfilment of a prophecy — the day when a great hero claims and plays the Twilight Horn.

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Players from all over the world will be able to explore the Age of Magic world in 2018.